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Stargrave - Minster Salvage and Absolution Inc.

Stargrave - Minster Salvage and Absolution Inc.

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Qui-Gon Jim - The build - best laid plans

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Lloyd shot WiPLloyd shot WiP
"These are not the minis you are looking for"... But it was...

I had wrongly thought that a mystic mini in the Stargrave Nickstarter with a cloak and staff was going to be included in the bundle that I backed. It wasn’t. It was an extra option that could have come in my preorder if I had paid more.

I had my heart set on this guy being my not-Jedi Captain. Instead of hunting him down on eBay I chose to make him from the Stargrave Crew box that I bought.

The body and head are straight from the kit. The cloak is from a Wargames Atlantic Dark Age Irish sprue. The sword was made from a length of heated red sprue attached to a WW2 Japanese katana hilt.

For details on the basing and the Gerry Can that inspired the use of stretched heated sprues check out my other Stargrave project below.

Stargrave – The Talons of Solubris

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