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Stargrave - Minster Salvage and Absolution Inc.

Stargrave - Minster Salvage and Absolution Inc.

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Starting to list build

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Needs more armour to be more WYSIWYG.Needs more armour to be more WYSIWYG.

I sort of tied my hands by diving in and creating my Daktari minis, just knowing roughly from my first crew that pistols and knives and light armour equals recruits etc.

Now they’re built I started looking at the actual troop types and their points and found that there are no carbine carrying troops that don’t have heavy armour. So I will try to add something to my carbine toting Daktari mini to denote better armour.

For my monks and initiates to be my specialists I will probably make good use of my Stargrave Crew box. The specialists generally have bigger guns and more armour so I will turn to my Gate of Antares and some Kill Team Genestealer Cults sprues for some inspiration.

I haven’t looked at the gear for my Captain and First Mate that closely, but will probably need to add picks and decks to make sure they help pick up the loot where the specialists throw out the damage and the Daktari run around as a distraction.

My initial list looks something like this:

390 credits spent

Recruit (free) – May resort to 2 recruits or runners depending on how my specialists survive.

Runner (free) – The Daktari with the purple arms and knife and pistol forward will be my runner.

Hacker (20 cr.) – Need to build. Probably from the Crew box.

Chiseler (20 cr.) – Need to add a knife to my belt on my Daktari chiseler to make him more WYSIWYG.

Trooper (50 cr.) – Will look at adding more armour to the carbine carrying Daktari for more WYSIWYG.

Medic (100 cr.) – Metal mini from the Nickstarter.

Burner (100 cr.) – To be made, probably from the Crew box, with a weapon I saw from the Genestealer Cults sprue.

Gunner (100 cr.) – Some rapid fire should be fun. Need to find an appropriate gun.


Thinking about the aesthetic I will try to make my monks quite drab and dark. Race / species wise I  can have some variety of aliens as the monks I think, but avoid animal like heads so they don’t look like the Daktari.

This list with the medic and burner etc. will run very differently to my Talons list, which was the aim.

The Captain and First Mate have high health but low armour, so the Medic seemed like a good option.

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