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Bot War - Cult of the Destroyer

Bot War - Cult of the Destroyer

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Destroyer rises

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 6
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With the builder bots nearing completion  they have have come a long way since the last update, its time to make a start on the big boy, Destroyer.

The reason for not showing the builders yet is because they need to be harmonised, the yellow hues brought into alignment to give a cohesive look. This will be done at the same time with Destroyer so that they all match, after all he is their combined form so needs to look like he has been made up of the individual bots.

As Destroyer is huge, he really is, I struggled to photograph some of the individual pieces he comes it, it was easiest for me to begin his paint job as sub assemblies. Once I have gotten most of the basecoats down I will fully assemble him so that I can then get the shadows and highlights into the correct places.

The sub assemblies comprise of the main torso and head (the same as my test piece), left and right arms, and then the lower body. These had bits of paperclip drilled into them to help give me something to hold onto whilst painting and for drying.

The parts were first given an airbrush coat of Badger Stynelrez Black which was allowed to dry thoroughly. As a self-leveling primer it settles really nicely into crevices and hard to reach places so you can be sure to get a good even coat.

With the primer dry I started the Same yellow workup as before:

  • Citadel Thondia Brown
  • AK Interactive Orange-brown

These were roughly applied over the primer to show the black in the shadows and provide interest where the different colours overlap.


This workup is not too formulaic, it’s more of a random approach, working up the layers of Orange-brown over the Thondia Brown to deliver more saturation in parts or to show shadow. If i thought I went too heavy with the Orange-brown I would go back in with a stipple of Thondia to show aged metal and grime build up as you can see in the photos above and below.

This gives a good solid foundation for me to then start to apply the yellows which I’ll be working on next.

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