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Painting Who Goes There? 2nd Ed.

Painting Who Goes There? 2nd Ed.

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Tutoring 10
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Barclay doesn’t appear in the movie. However, he must be in the ”Who goes there?” novel. I have no idea since I didn’t read it. It is on my reading list though. The closest role in the movie would be Windows as he seems to be the radio operator of the antarctic base. He is the second character which I got in the single add-on which I bought for the game.

Barclay was also pretty straightforward mini to paint. I used P3’s Jackbone for his pants and Rucksack Tan for his coat. I added a wash of Citadel’s Agaros Dunes to his coat and then highlighted from there. His glasses were done the same way as Benning’s were.

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Lovely work they look great 👍

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