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RATMEN - Skaven Fantasy Army - Rules Agnostic

RATMEN - Skaven Fantasy Army - Rules Agnostic

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Organizing! - More fun than you might think!

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I am now embarking on one of my favourite parts of a project like this. Getting all my stuff out onto a tabletop and seeing just what I have and what I’m going to do with it.

Organizing! - More fun than you might think!

So that is all the stuff I have for the Ratmen Army 🙂

I like to lay out all the models, and bases, and any additional materials I’m likely to use during the project.

Then I come to organizing it into an army. This is where I share the Number 1 Rule of Agnostic Armies – you no longer shape your army to the rules, you shape the rules to your army!

Yup these armies are there for my enjoyment 100% of the time – so when I’m not playing with them I want them to be on display so I can look at them, not just hidden away in some bag!

So I pick a format for units based on what I have and what I think will be cool!

Organizing! - More fun than you might think!

This is the point where you discover you don’t have quite enough bases.

So I have popped a message to the wonderful chap at to see if he can do a couple more bases for me to the same colour scheme.

Organizing! - More fun than you might think!
Organizing! - More fun than you might think!

So what does the roster look like for this army, well currently its looking a bit like this:

  • 1 – Command Squad (Boss, 2 Heroes, 2 Banner Men)
  • 5  – Sniper Teams
  • 1 – 6 Man Unit of Slingers
  • 1 – Big Ass Rat Gun
  • 3 – 6 Man Units of Swords Men + Plus Leader Rat
  • 2 – 9 Man Units of Pike Men + Leader Rat
  • 2 – Plague Furnaces
  • 3 – Doomwheels

And I’m pretty pleased with that and I think it will give my other armies a good run for their money both in the looks department and on the battlefield!

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Cult of Games Member

Swanky setup. It looks like a pretty agile force for things like ‘Saga’ *cue Tim and Gerry with their not-Sega sound for UHH*. With the new rules FAQ that’s come out the half units might actually allow for the oddball numbers you could field. What other mini agnostic games are you looking to play about with (Lords of Erewhon)?

Cult of Games Member

Do love the bases you’re using.

Really making me want to get back onto my Skaven project now, i was going to try painting infinity this weekend, but its looks like rats are on the menu now

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