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Retreat From Moscow

Retreat From Moscow

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Russian Jaegers

Tutoring 14
Skill 15
Idea 15
Russian Jaegers

Back to the more historical part of this project with half a dozen Russian Jaegers. These skirmishing troops in their forage caps are probably going to act as Infantrymen for a Russian Silver Bayonet unit. Models are more Perrys.

I’ll admit that I struggled with how dark these turned out – dark grey greatcoats, black crossbelts, backpacks, hats, gaiters, boots and dark green for the rest of the uniform… the white crossbelts for British and French Napoleonics do a lot to lift the colours.

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Cult of Games Member

To be quite honest I think that they came out fine. They fit in very well with the overall grim winter look you were going for. I like’em.

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