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It takes a village to....

It takes a village to....

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And then the roof

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Yeah, christmas and life got in the way of my hobbytime.
I got a bit of stuff done in between all the seasonal humbug, but not much.

I finally did some measuring and cut some blocks of new foam for the roofs.
You can make these by building just the sides, which saves material.
But this is faster, more sturdy and the material is rather cheap.
It did ask everything I could get out of the proxxon for size, though and in the end, I made them a bit to small.

After cutting the blocks, I put the wire at and angle and created the roof form as I desired. I used different angles on different roofs for some variation.
After fitting I noted they where a bit to small, and stuck some thin slices on the sides and some strips to put them a bit higher on the buildings. No pics of this step, unfortunatly as I was kinda miffed about the delay and wanted it done.
Not the most elegant of solutions, but you won’t see it when the jobs done.

And then the roof
And then the roof

I got some teddy-fur from the net, instead of hunting my own.
Unfortunatly all stores, bar the essentials, are currently closed in the low lands.
I’d’ve prefered to go and see what I was getting as when I opened the packaged the fabric felled a bit light on the hairs. It sufficed, but there are some bald splotches I can see now it’s drying. I’ll see if I can fix this.
I cut an approximate piece, covered the roof in glue and draped the clothe over it.

When this was dry and solid, I watered down some PVA (1:1) and, using a cheap, big brush soaked the cloth.
Using half a cheap comb, I then combed the fibres into shape and now it’s drying.

Messy, messy stuff. My clothes, shoes, beard and living room are covered in stray fibers and my fingers looked like I was turning into an albino werewolf.
Best done in a dedicated hobby space, if you have such luxury

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