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The Final Push - Lawnor approaches 100% painted

The Final Push - Lawnor approaches 100% painted

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53 MTG: Survivors

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Skill 7
Idea 7

Kingdom Death actually arrived!  it turned up between Christmas and new year.  it was almost 11kg and huge.  There looks like 10-15 sprues inside.  I’ve taken out the first 3 I want and it’s let me build 13 models so far so who knows for sure what’s on the rest.  I think there’s about 45 models in the box, so I’ve added that to my MTG total for now.

While waiting for it to arrive I started work on the last 28mm 3D prints I had, but I ditched them to focus on the big black box.  So far I’ve finished 4 survivors and I’ve begun work on more.

Starting Survivor - AllisterStarting Survivor - Allister
Starting Survivor - ErzaStarting Survivor - Erza
Starting Survivor - LucyStarting Survivor - Lucy
Starting Survivor - ZacharyStarting Survivor - Zachary

Here’s my progress on the rest of the stuff on my table.  I could use opinions on the red lady.  She’s a red Tiefling wearing a red dress which will have gold trim.  The leather is a black-green.  I thought perhaps I could get away with that front sash thing being white, but it looks all wrong.  I don’t know what colour to make it.  Any suggestions?

My WIPS.  The lion and Antelope next I think.My WIPS. The lion and Antelope next I think.
What colour should I make her white sash thing?What colour should I make her white sash thing?

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Cult of Games Member

I think the white sash just looks like its been left as undercoat. Perhaps with some more obvious grey shading it could work.

I think it might also be better to distinguish between the skin and dress reds more. E.g. very pale red for one and a dark red for the other.

Great work on the KDM minis.

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