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Steamy Punky Goodness

Steamy Punky Goodness

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They call him a two-faced character...

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 3
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Update about some progress on the painting table.
Today I completed the painting of the notorious Mr. Cheng and one of his      more dangerous servants, Onryo. Together with the Dragonlings and Hisao    Shiryo they complete a Triad starter box.
I painted Hisao Shiryo quite a while ago, probably not too lang after GW  launched it’s contrast paints. The pipe smoke was a bit of an experiment ,  using Warp Lighting thinned down with Contrast Medium. I must say it is a  great tool for easy blending.
For painting the skintone I used the guide in the link below; it offers colour  suggestions for any skintone you can think of:
 Next update will involve some inventive ladies and gentlemen.

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Nice paintjob

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