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Hunting in the Darkness - KD:M

Hunting in the Darkness - KD:M

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13 July 2017: From a pile of sprue a Lonely Tree grows...

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 7

The Lonely Tree
An expansion, a Nemesis enemy, the first official KD terrain for the game. This tree made me want to make more terrain for the game.
The inital build was somewhat complex but went together relatively well.

At some point I did start painting this piece. I primed it black, with a grey zenith prime. I also sprayed bright spots where the lanterns would have been shining, in preparation for OSL.

Later the trunk was painted brown, Vallejo German Camo I think. The canopy got a dark green, I can’t recall what colour. The trunk also got a wash with some kind of ink or brown wash. Army Painter tone maybe??

Anyway, the point is: a brown tree with green leaves is BORING. Not to mention inaccurate, uninspired, and not Kingdom-Death-y enough!

I left it sit, not wanting to finish it. Until…

30 Dec 21: A sinister tree in the dark...

Dawnstone grey drybrush. Some trees are grey... let's try thatDawnstone grey drybrush. Some trees are grey... let's try that

A combination of wanting to get it off the incomplete list, wanting to use it in KD and other games, and wanting to try drybrushing with a make-up brush got me to get this one down to the paint table.

Grey wasn't enough... lets go Blue!Grey wasn't enough... lets go Blue!

Grey is ok, but not strange enough. I went with blue for a couple of reasons.

Using a make-up brush, I did a drybrush of Kantor Blue, followed by a very light drybrush of Celestra Grey.

Red leaves... Vallejo Black Red drybrush over the green that was already thereRed leaves... Vallejo Black Red drybrush over the green that was already there

Some real-world plants that live happily in low light conditions can have quite interesting leaf colouration. Kingdom Death is a gloomy place, with little natural light. Added to that, the Lonely Tree is a little more bloodthirsty than most plants. So I gave myself license to go weirder with this.

I started by drybrushing over the existing green with Vallejo Black Red. Over that I drybrushed Vallejo Gory Red. I then finished it with Celestra Grey again.
Looking back at it, it may have come out better if I had done the same as the trunk: used Dawnstone first to highlight the detail, then the reds and light grey.


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If you want more terrain you can get 3D files for everything else, or buy printed models from Etsy if you don’t have a 3D printer.

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