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Carnevale - Escape from San Canciano

Carnevale - Escape from San Canciano

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Painting the Guild - Pilferer

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The lipped TTCombat bases provided are perfect for using base toppers. I contacted a friend with a 3D printer ( who helpfully produced some amazing resin toppers for me to use on this project.

All paints are from the Vallejo Model Color range unless specified.

Pilferer - Base coatsPilferer - Base coats

First steps are base coating all items and then adding a generous coat of Agrax Earthshade wash by Games Workshop to everything.

Hair – Green Brown

Tunic – Olive Brown

Trousers – Burnt Red

Belt  – Clear Orange

Skin – Tan Earth

Pouches – Middlestone

Bandage (on foot) – Deck Tan

Pilferer - HighlightsPilferer - Highlights

Hair – Gold Brown

Tunic – US Field Drab

Trousers – Dark Red

Belt  – Light Orange

Skin – Flat Flesh

Pouches – Japanese Uniform

Bandage (on foot) – Deck Tan

A quick coat of Basalt Grey on the base and we will come back for finishing touches later.

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