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"Hola amigo, I come to suck your blood!"

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Los Cachorros Oscuros

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Hi everyone,

Today I would like to present an expansion on the Dark Wolf profile. I only added an alpha to the pack and a dire wolf, but it is amazing to me how much of a difference it makes.  I find that the games I have played are more tense and desperate for it. A caveat, as always, is that I have only played solo games.  I have yet to try these (as well as the other profiles) in normal adversary games.

The first two pictures are of my unfinished wolves with primer and a first coat of paint.  The second shows the size increase of the species.


My Dark Wolf pack from Reaper, Monolith Games, and Gamezone Miniatures.My Dark Wolf pack from Reaper, Monolith Games, and Gamezone Miniatures.
Los Cachorros Oscuros

The first up are the alpha dark wolves.  These bad boys have an extra point of melee and  two points of health.  A small upgrade but significant enough to make them stand out. You can only ever have up to two alphas in a game (consider them alphas from different packs).

Los Cachorros Oscuros

Next up are the Dire Wolves.  I envision these wolves as semi-sentient and extremely evil creatures that hunger for human flesh.  They are also frequently confused for werewolves or shape-changers.

I gave them two points on melee and four points on health on the standard dark wolf profile, in order to make them truly fearsome opponents.  I increased their courage to +1 to reflect their semi-sentient and aggressive nature.  Since they are so huge, I gave them the ‘Large’ attribute to counteract their speed.

You can only ever have one or two dire wolves, preferably only one.  I have used two in a three part campaign, where the heroes do not know that there is a second dire wolf.  Consider the campaign story similiar to the man-eating lions of Tsavo!

Los Cachorros Oscuros

Last, but definitely not least, are the common dark wolves.  These remain exactly the same as the core rulebook.

Los Cachorros Oscuros

Once again, I hope you try these out in your games and I if you have any improvements – please let me know.

Until next time, stay safe and have fun.


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