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Carnevale - Escape from San Canciano

Carnevale - Escape from San Canciano

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Painting the Rashaar - Lesser Rhyll

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For this model I wanted to copy many aspects of the paint scheme on the TTCombat webstore.

Painted model from TTCombat webstore entryPainted model from TTCombat webstore entry

My hobby buddy, David, suggested I take a very different approach to painting the model as my usual ‘base coat and wash to buggery’ method was likely to mute the colours irretrievably.

With this in mind, and with the experience learned from painting the Hybrid, I decided to Paint my target mid tones down initially then use pin-washing and glazing to add precise shadows and define areas of the mini.

Lesser Rhyll - What no comfort zone?Lesser Rhyll - What no comfort zone?

The body and limbs

The first step was to paint the entire model except for the head and tentacles around the mouth in Games Workshop(GW) Hawk Turquoise.

I then wanted to create paler patches of skin around the belly, inside the arms and inner thighs to simulate a reptilian look. To this end I slowly added Vallejo Model Color(VMC) Ivory to my original GW Hawk Turquoise and then painted these areas in two or three steps using very thin paint to get a blended effect without going full wet blend madness on it.

To create highlights on the darker areas of skin in the original turquoise color that would look different to the ‘paler’ skin, I mixed the GW Hawk Turquoise with VMC Sky Blue and applied this to the upper areas of the model such as shoulders, tops of the forearms etc, in a standard highlighting pattern.

I then used a thinned GW Blue Ink to paint defined shadow lines into muscle creases and between arms and body etc in a pin-washing effect.

The head

The head was painted using inks and glazes directly over a white undercoat.

The head was painted with two generous coats of GW Green Glaze.

Shading was added to the ridging on the head with a very thin mix of VMC Deep Green and Vallejo Thinner Medium.

After this dried I felt the head still looked a little ‘flat’ so I painted a spot highlight right on the top of the scalp alongside the purple crest using VMC Ivory with just a touch of VMC Deep Green in it.

The tentacles around the mouth, crest atop the head and ridges down the models back were washed 2-3 times with GW Purple Glaze.

To deepen the shadows and define the purple/blue transitions on the model I used GW Purple Ink thinned with water and painted into recesses using, again, a pin-washing technique.

Final details

The barnacles crusting the creature were painted VMC Olive brown and then the very tops were touched with a highlight of VMC Tan Yellow.

The claws on the feet were painted VMC Olive Brown and highlighted with VMC Green Grey.

The eyes were painted VMC Magenta then VMC Flat Yellow over this.

The suckers on the tentacles were dotted with a VMC Pink highlight.

The base received the prerequisite coat of VMC Basalt Grey and we are finished.

The next step was just to finish the resin cobblestone base toppers for all 8 miniatures.

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