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The Final Push - Lawnor approaches 100% painted

The Final Push - Lawnor approaches 100% painted

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66 MTG: KDM Special Survivors

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Skill 4
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I’ve had very little free time over the past fortnight, but I’ve finally found time to sit down and finish off the four special survivors for KD:M.  I am currently building the last 3 models needed for the game (The Kings Man, The Watcher and the Phoenix).

My housemate has ben moving out very slowly (Very!  We’re 14 months in and still going!) and recently uncovered 2 20 man boxes for Kings of War, which he doesn’t remember owning and doesn’t want.  He gave me the skeletons to add to my unplayed undead force, but I had no use for the elves.

I want to get Kingdom Death and ideally the other models I’ve already got paint on finished before the Spring Cleaning Challenge starts.  I’ve a project in mind for that I want to throw myself in to (A massive Dreadball catch up).

20 man Skeleton Regiment20 man Skeleton Regiment
Survivor - Young RachelSurvivor - Young Rachel
Survivor - Old JoeSurvivor - Old Joe
Intimacy MaleIntimacy Male
Intimacy FemaleIntimacy Female

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