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Hunting in the Darkness - KD:M

Hunting in the Darkness - KD:M

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1 Feb 22: Hittin' the bottle!

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
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Misleading title is misleading!

There are quite a few bottles hanging from this tree. Before this project, I’ve never really had much business with painting bottles. I took an easy option with the first. I went with a basic pottery jug,  Terracotta. There’s Pottery in the base game, it’s plausible XD

Colours usedColours used
The pottery jug. The pottery jug.

Sooo…. having not painted bottles with liquid before really, I decided I needed to do some research. YouTube proved useful for something other than advertising when I found Vince Venturella‘s Hobby Cheating series. Two gems next to each other? I can do that! I’ve been painting gems for years 😀 (Doesn’t mean I’m good at it haha!)
Seriously, though his video is so well done. Easily explained, well demonstrated.

So many little bottles...So many little bottles...

9 Feb 22: Shields and Axe

The last few of the accessories dangling about the tree: two shields and a bone axe. After these are done, a little tidying up and then I want to redo the foliage, it doesn’t pop enough.

I decided to freehand the shields, I had though of using transfers. In the end, after some ruminating on how to approach them, I decided against it. I went with some other sources of inspiration.

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