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Infinity 2020 Project

Infinity 2020 Project

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Starmarda begins!

Tutoring 6
Skill 8
Idea 5
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Well I probably should have updated this before now but you know, life.

I bought the Starmarda Action pack as soon as I could. This would have been October 2020 and I was still working from home.

The models were sprayed with a rattle an of Ultramarines blue before being heavily washed with Asuramen blue was which is an older Cidetal wash. I then worked the blue up through Teclis Blue and Temple Guard blue as well as drybrushing Temple Gaurd blue. I liked the studio paint style so stuck with the yellow. This was Averland Sunsent and Yriel Yellow.

For the bases I wanted to feel like a Spaceship as per the Starmarda fluff. I used the GW Necromunda bases and channeled 70’s Sci Fi.

I’m quite happy with the overall effect.


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