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Infinity 2020 Project

Infinity 2020 Project

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Christmas brings new minis... Wel Christmas 2021

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Well this was the strangest Christmas ever with most of the family bunkered down and Boris deciding to go to another lock down (right choice, rubbish timing) at least Santa could still deliver just him and fleets of Amazon vans.

I was given blister packs from the Combined Army Bitt and Kiss the rebellious possibly still Human Hacker Bitt with her hacking device/robot with flamethrower Kiss. Bitt’s flowing red coat sold me on this mini and I couldn’t wait to try and blen colours…. One attempt later I decided to drybrushe from Khorn Red,, Mephiston Red, Wazdakka Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet.

With Kiss I stuck with the grey and red them I used with the Morats. Great Hicote undercoat, Nulhn Oil wash, Ershin Grey Administratum Grey, and a Palid Wytch Flesh dry brush. The reds were the same as Bitts coat.

The other Min was the Haqislam Hassasin Ayyar with Viral Pistol which just looks badass! Again rocking the Dune vibe, this assassin of the desert is like a ghost and the model tells that story perfectly.

Undercoated with Zahndri Dust and a good wash of Agrax Eeathshade I then used Zahndri Dust on the armour and Castellan Green and Deathwolrd Forest with an Athonian comoshade in the recesses.

All in all happy with all of these minis… But was hoping to use them soon.

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