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Husaria - Building a Polish army for the 1620s

Husaria - Building a Polish army for the 1620s

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More Haiduks!

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This project entry looks at the latest unit for my Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth army; another unit of Polish Haiduks.

28mm Polish Haiduks from Foundry and The Assualt Group28mm Polish Haiduks from Foundry and The Assualt Group

This time I chose a different paint scheme, with this unit being based on a unit of Haiduks in the Stockholm Scroll. This amazing 15m long work of art depicts the ceremonial entry of the wedding procession of King Sigismund III and Archduchess Constance of Austria into Kraków on 4th December 1605. The picture includes many military units, including Haiduks. This needs to be used with caution of course as this is a ceremonial procession and not a battlefield. It is nevertheless very useful. There is a great Wikimedia page with details of many parts of the scroll here:

This unit of Haiduks on the scroll have a nice dark blue uniform with a yellow lining on the outer coat. The figures in the scroll don’t seem to have braiding on their coats but as my model soldiers do, I have given them braiding in the same contrasting yellow.

One image from the Stockholm RollOne image from the Stockholm Roll

I think they’ve come out alright. I’ve added a casualty marker for the unit as well, using one of the handy counter bases from Warbases.

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