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Infinity 2020 Project

Infinity 2020 Project

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New starter set means new models... Lots of models.

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 1
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Crimson Stone you beautiful starter set. A starter set with Ariadna my first Infinity love and the Nomads an army I don’t own I couldn’t resist and I had birthday money so win win!

I started on the Ariadna and decided to try a muted colour palate to look realistic. I’d been painting Bolt Action models so had some good khaki greens.

The models were base coated black. The greens were painted with Cidetal Castellan Green, washed with Athonian Green and highlighted with Death World Green.

The trousers are Dark Reaper grey washed with Nuhln Oil.

I love the poses and dynamimism of the new models they have comes on so much compared to the original Caledonian starter set.

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