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Hunting in the Darkness - KD:M

Hunting in the Darkness - KD:M

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20 Mar 22: Frightful Fruit

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
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The Lonely Tree set isn’t yet complete…
With the tree come six fruit. Six, horrible fruit. In game, they hang from the tree until they fall. Then they can be pushed around the board, impeding movement and potentially exploding… because of course they can explode.

They can also be collected as a resource by the Survivors, but the effects can vary depending on which variety is collected. There’s 5 varieties to find. Five varieties… six fruit supplied.

The fruit are primed grey with a white zenith prime. They each then got a couple of thin coats of a base colour to correspond to the fruit variety they’re inspired by.

I should say that I remembered watching these 3-colours up videos when they were new, and I dug back through and found them. They came in mighty handy! Thanks to @elromanozo
The videos: Part 2 and Part 3
If any of the OTT team see this… it would be good if you could find part 1 in the archive, I had to guess my way to the beginning of part 2 X-D

21 Mar 22: Fruitful efforts

The next step was to apply a wash of Vallejo German Camo Mid Brown all over.
When this was dry I gave all of the fruit a drybrush of the Skeleton Bone seen above… kinda didn’t make a difference to the bone coloured fruit for some reason…

This is where things start to get a little more interesting. Now I start to diversify the fruit and make them more like their inspiration.

The bone coloured fruit is to represent Jagged Marrow fruit.
I added some extra glazes of the Vallejo Gory red into the crevices randomly, to give a hint of the juicy goodness within. It also got a follow-up dry brush of Vallejo Ivory to really hit that bone-look highlight.

The Khaki coloured fruit represents the Lonely Fruit. Since the art is the match of the miniature, I did two in this scheme.

The quick version:

  • Glaze random patches with Vallejo Gory Red
  • Glaze with old Citadel Deadly Nightshade
  • Drybrush with Citadel Golden Yellow

The random patches of the Gory Red looked ok, but needed a little more. I brought in the Deadly Nightshade to add some depth, and give some other areas a bit of a bruised look. The original art also had some yellow looking highlights so I added the drybrush of the yellow at the end.

The next fruit on the list is the Blistering Plasma fruit. I kept this one simple, on adding an extra glaze in random spot of Vallejo Black Red to darken some areas.

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