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Demonsub is Five Leagues From The Borderlands

Demonsub is Five Leagues From The Borderlands

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The Starter Scenario

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6

This is a simple practice scenario with two battles, the first with only 4 warband members and the second with all of them, to try out the rules and play a simple battle without any risk or harm to your characters. There’s no treasure or XP up for grabs but you are awarded a Story Point for playing. Story Points are spent to allow rerolls either in a battle or when rolling on a table during the campaign. They are quite rare, so the opportunity to get an extra one before the real game starts is nice.

Battle 1

Battle 1 setupBattle 1 setup

Turn 1

Dar moves forward to the broken ruins at the bottom of the hill, then all of the skeletons advance onto the other side of the hill, with the archer taking a potshot at Hands, only temporarily stunning him.

Gregnil takes a shot and wounds the skeleton archer.

Turn 2

Kremmel points a finger at a nearby skeleton and casts Mark, making it easier to shoot for this turn but Gregnil fails to take advantage of this and misses, and as he rolled a 1 is now out of ammo.

Then the skeleton archer shoots at Dar, wounding and stunning him, making him less effective in the forthcoming combat as a skeleton charges him, but luckily it’s a draw and he steps back.

Another skeleton charges Kremmel and takes him out of action.

Hands moves up next to Dar, attacks the skeleton and kills it.

Turn 3

The skeleton archer on the hill shoots at Hands, wounding and stunning him. 

The skeleton that attacked Kremmel moves and attacks Gregnil but Gregnil wins and counterattack over the fence killing the skeleton. Another skeleton charges Gregnil but is driven back. Gregnil then charges over the fence and kills the skeleton.

The only skeleton left is the archer on the hill, which Dar charges and kills. 

Victory to me.


Battle 2

Battle 2 setupBattle 2 setup

Turn 1

Petra, the bunny archer feral, moves up to the top of the hill with the tomb for cover and shoots at the skeleton archer in the ruins but misses. Both skeleton archers return shots of their own, all missing.

The rest of the skeletons all advanced forward.

Hands and Dar both move around the bottom of the hill to try to separate a few skeletons away from Petra.

Turn 2

Petra runs back down the hill to avoid the incoming skeletons.

The skeleton archer in the ruins moves forward a little and shoots Dar but misses, while the other archer shoots at Petra but also misses.

Two skeletons move towards Petra while three go after Dar and Hands. 

Kremmel casts Mark on a skeleton approaching Kiri, near Petra and Gregnil kills it with an arrow.

Hands charges a nearby skeleton, stunning the skeleton but is himself driven back. Dar seizes the opportunity and rushes in and kills the skeleton. It’s all going quite well.

Turn 3

Kremmel has nothing much he can do so moves to the top of the hill unworried by arrow fire as he can take cover behind the tomb, meaning the skeleton would need a 6 to hit. Guess what, one of the skeleton archers shoots, scores a 6 and rolls to wound and takes Kremmel out of action.

The other archer shoots at Dar and takes him out of action. 

The last skeleton near Petra charges, only forcing Petra back. 

At the bottom of the hill, Hands is facing two skeletons, he forces one back but the other one rushes in and kills him.

The tables have turned and my luck ran out. Petra, Kiri and Gregnil all head towards the table edge and leave the battle.

The skeletons have won.


Well, that was fun. The game is pretty quick to play and the games don’t last long at all. I think I got a bit over confident towards the end of the last battle thinking I was close to winning but then my luck turned. If this had been a “for real campaign scenario “ I would have had to roll to see if any casualties were injured or dead, and I may have also had to roll to see what happened to those who ran off the table.

I didn’t use the rules for enemy morale at all as I was fighting undead and they don’t really know such a thing as self preservation.

Next will be the start of the actual campaign and true adventure.

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Classic Gregnil, Goes on campaign with only 2 arrows 🙂

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