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Demonsub is Five Leagues From The Borderlands

Demonsub is Five Leagues From The Borderlands

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The Adventure Begins

Tutoring 3
Skill 5
Idea 5

Week 1

Making their way down the pass with finally the small fort border fort known as Hillsend in sight Gregnil pointed to something in the distance. Kremmel squinted, trying to make something out. It appeared to be beyond the tree line below. Marking it on the map, it would be important to at least check out.

Hillsend actually had a small civilian population as well as the small guard force stationed there. Quite a few traders had set up but right now money was tight for Mortay’s Raiders. They quickly found out that a duke to the south had recently been taking the fight to the enemy and successfully raided a small gnoll camp killing many. A small win for the region and a good moral booster. There was excited talk of it all over the town.

The Adventure Begins

Week 2

They turned the room upside down but still couldn’t find it. Two gold marks were missing. They’d only started with five. It was then that Petra noticed the splintered wood on the window frame and the muddy boot print on the floor, thieves had struck during the night.

Talking with the landlord, it appears the thieves had been having their way all through the area with supposedly a camp somewhere in the hills to the north.

Carefully Kremmel presented one gold mark and handed it to the landlord, as the others looked on. That would pay for the next week’s food and board, but just. Bargaining had been hard but the landlord had relented, feeling sorry for their ill fortunes. Mortay’s Rangers were down to their last two gold marks. 

Taking that night with the locals the Rangers managed to narrow down the location of the thieve’s camp after hearing many tales of their crimes in the area. 

The next day Dar was found practicing and sparring with several soldiers and their sergeant. A few women looked on, they were most impressed by his musclearity and the length of his sword.

The plan had been to ride a patrol and get the lay of the land before moving down into the lower lands but their gold had been stolen and they wanted it back, so it was that the Rangers went off to raid the camp.

The Adventure Begins

As Mortay’s Rangers started sneaking forward Gregnil the dwarf was spotted, so much for the element of surprise.

Gregnil took one more step getting behind a statue and shot at what he took for the enemy leader, wounding him while an archer next to the leader shot back but missed. 

As shouts went up, thieves started moving forwards, running from cover to cover. The leader rushed forwards but was promptly shot dead by Petra the feral bunny.

Kremmel started to work his magic trying to sow a sense of fear into the other thieves but with strength of numbers none fled.

Dar and Hands together move forward to defend a gap between some ruins.

A vicious thief, who appears to have taken command of the others, rushed up to Kiri the apprentice as she was making her way to Gregnil and attacked, taking her out of action. The lieutenant then dropped as Petra shot and killed him.

Dar was in full swing (with his sword) as several thieves try to attack, one taking a wound for his troubles. 

One of the thieves had had enough and ran for the hills.

The Adventure Begins

Shots were exchanged between Gregnil and both the enemy archers but none hit, with Grengnil having shot his last arrow. He drew his sword and shouldered his bow.

One of the thieves got lucky and Dar was taken out of action. With Dar out of the way the others quickly swamped Hands and he was taken down.

A thief then charged Gregnil who wounded the thief before Petra killed him with her bow.

Kremmel still weaving his fear magic and with the loss of another thief caused both of the  archers to run from the camp.

Petra was now out of ammo and watched as Gregnil charged a nearby thief, wounding him.

Kremmel’s eyes and nose were now bleeding from his exertions with casting too much magic but no more thieves were ready to flee. As the other thieves move up the remaining heroes realise they could not win and fled, promising to return when they were stronger.

The Adventure Begins

Luckily Dar and Kiri were only knocked unconscious and weren’t seriously injured but Hands took a nasty cut. With the help of some silvertree leaf he’ll heal in a couple of weeks but won’t be fit for work until then.

Petra was feeling good after that fight and feels like she has made some good progress in her fighting abilities. 

Now with only two gold marks left, Mortay’s Rangers make their way back to town. As they entered through the gates a messenger approached them. It appears someone wants their help but time is of the essence. They are to find this individual a day or so’s journey to the south. Kremmel marked it on his map.

The Adventure Begins

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Grengal out of arrows again! He needs to take a bit more responsibility!

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