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Resolution 2022: Hobby Bingo!

Resolution 2022: Hobby Bingo!

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Röknaut Space Dwarfs (140 points)

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6
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Röknaut Space Dwarfs (140 points)

I backed the kisckstarter ( in the first production run and had the models at my house a couple of days after the campaign ended.


I enjoyed the primary and secondary colour schemes used in the models on show and decided to go with the only one not yet used – namely yellow and purple.


The purple was naggaroth night washed druchii violet, then highlighted xereus purple followed by genestealer purple.


The yellow was iyanden darksun, washed casandora yellow, then highlighted flash gitz yellow.


The skin was bugman’s glow, washed reikland fleshshade, then highlighted cadian fleshtone followed by kislev flesh.


The browns were painted mournefang brown, washed agrax earthshade, then highlighted skragg brown and then deathclaw brown.


The metalics were painted leadbelcher, washed nuln oil, then highlighted leadbelcher followed by runefang steel.


Beards were either abaddon black highlighted skavenblight dingecelestra grey highlighted ulthuan grey, or xv-86 highlighted tausept ochre.


My goblin green dried up many years ago so the bases had to be moot green.

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