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Dug's Dead Man's Hand

Dug's Dead Man's Hand

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Golden Button. Yay!

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Community Spotlight: Oldhammer, MORE Tiny Elves & Dead Man’s Hand!

Got a lovely pat on the back for this project on the XLBS show last weekend. It made my Birthday weekend especially nice. The cactus sprue and the packaging red stone pillars got a special mention and Mad Dan McGillicuddy with his GW head got some love from the team.

Thanks for all the likes so far, but the project isn’t complete yet. There will be some female gunslingers added for fun options because due to a mix up… I have the Gunslingers 2 box. Lol.

Adding 10 women to my collection would seem a bit excessive, but I will add a couple as options for either side and probably kitbash most of the others into Sci-Fi cowgirls.

And at some point I will bodge together a battle report.

Golden Button. Yay!

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Cult of Games Member

stunning work on the project the terrain looks especially good @dugthefug1644 congratulations on all your work.

Cult of Games Member

Well done there @dugthefug1644 well deserved and now I have got some of them cowboys and cowgirls too

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