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Warcry: Red Harvest - a self motivational project blog

Warcry: Red Harvest - a self motivational project blog

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Still progressing....

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Third time trying to update my project today….

Filled it out twice and published, only to find nothing showing 🙁

I haven’t posted for a few days, but I have managed to get in some hobby each day still though.

The minis

I have now ‘built’ all of the Darkoath Savagers.  Just need to sort out what weapons I want to give the currently unarmed ones.

The Conan looking one is going to have a great sword, and quite a few of the others will likely have paired weapons.

The drybrush cometh....

Then it was onto the scenery.

I decided to go for a pale colour and drybrush on, to hopefully make it look like sun bleached wood.

While drybrushing I found that the dusting of brown that I applied was in some places just that – a layer of brown dust! As I drybrushed, the brown was just brushing right off…

I decided not to let this get me down, and chose to think of it as variations in the undertones.

For some pieces I did add a drybrysh of bestial brown first, for a little more variety.

And the scenery so far….

(The spike barricades are upstairs awaiting work)

Still progressing....

Next up maybe adding weapons to the barbarians, or, if I can face it, working on the metal on the terrain….

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