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Slaine-Drune Warband

Slaine-Drune Warband

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So I did the metals next.

For the steel I used a medium thinned basilicum grey contrast wash over the initial zenithil hilight. This does a good job of creating an initial canvas to work on.

I then used Vallejo white grey then pure white very watered down to build up the hilights

Finally I will add soon black contrast and ink to the dark areas (as I’m typing I realise I forgot to do this stage on these shots!)

For the copper type metal I experimented and tried a mix of a little boys angels red with nazdreg yellow, both contrast with added medium to work with the zenithil layer. I hilights up with straight orange mixed with tau ochre with gradual addition of ivory. I kind of mixed stippling with normal brush with to try and get some kind of texture.

Lastly I’ve done cloth areas with aggaros dunes  way and the for with gore grunter fur contrast.

Going to give them a bit of hilight next!

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