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Tour of Duty

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When Battlefront decided that they would release an expansion for Flames of War, based in the Vietnam War (back in 2013 according to this article) I got into it. I decided that it would be easier to not end up with lots of 15mm Infantry to paint up, as such I went with a Black Horse (11th Armoured) company which consists of lots of M113 and variants.

Overtime I added tanks and decided that I needed a heavier tank than in the Black Horse options so some Centurion V’s appeared from the ANZACs and then I expanded to add an ANZAC company.

Of course you can’t go to Vietnam without bringing in some helicopters so I purchase a Huey Hog and a Huey Cobra. When I was at Broadsides last I picked up another Hog and a Huey Slick to add in. That brings me to the point of this project – time to get the whole army finished.

Army List:

7x M113 ACAV (painted)
1x M125/M106 Mortar Carrier (painted0
4x M132 Zippo (Flamer) (painted)
2x M577 (1 painted)
3x M551 Sheridans
3x M109 (155m SPG) (painted)
2x UH-1B Hogs
1x AH-1G Cobra
1x UH-1D Slick
12x ANZAC SLR Teams
2x ANZAC Medic Teams
12x ANZAC M29 Mortar Teams
7x ANZAC Command Teams
12x ANZAC M67 AT Teams
3x Centurion MK V (painted)

I’ve spent the last couple of weekends assembling the helicopters.

Tour of Duty

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Nice work

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