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The Ballad of Bradicles

The Ballad of Bradicles

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Meet the Characters

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
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This is Bradicles. Bradicles is very pretty. Bradicles wants to be famous. He’s willing to die to be famous. He’ll probably succeed. At both.

Eeyoricles Eeyoricles

This is Eeyoricles. Eeyoricles is Bradicles younger brother. Eeyoricles is convinced Bradicles is going to get him killed. He’s probably right.


This is Tim. Tim thinks he’s a wizard. Tim smells. Probably because of all the chicken entrails.  He’s the Soothsayer.

Tim at workTim at work

Tim the enchanter prays for the blessings of the gods.


This is Testicles. He’s the younger cousin of Bradicles and Eeyoricles. He wants to compete in the Olympics. He’s very gung ho.

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