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Here comes the Norsemen! Viking Project

Here comes the Norsemen! Viking Project

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Entry 2: The Saga of Planning.

Tutoring 3
Skill 5
Idea 5
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To research, I looked up dyes and materials of viking clothing and I must say; there is potential to have a realistically colorful force. There is more to them that grays and browns.
May the following images serve you well.

After looking up dyes, I quickly made a painting guide and begun painting. But as I slowly began painting the first two dozen (24), my research continued as well as looking up what else I can buy to fill out my Vikings. That is a long wish list so I won’t bother with that but enjoy these charts.

So as of now, Bondi Archers 1-2 and Bondi 1-2 have been started. I can’t wait to get my printer back up and running, print these out, lay out my Vikings so you all can see just how this works.

In Feudal Patrol, the smallest group is an element and the maximum allowed per element is 6. Up to 4 elements but a minimum of 2 creates a War band. 2-4 War bands equals a Battlegroup. 2-4 Battlegroups equals an army. So for now, there is enough elements to create war bands and enough war bands to create a Battlegroup. I will probably have extra leaders so I can split the war bands down to size to spread them out more as there is a command radius in the game.
Element Leaders whose bases will be marked by a bronze base edge have a command radius of 12″. War band Leaders have a command radius of 24″, Battle Group Leaders have a 36″ radius and Army Leaders have a 48″ radius. Kill the Jarl, you pin the whole force which in Feudal Patrol is potentially quite lethal. I’ll talk more about the game in Part 3.

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