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Bot War - Painting Challenge 2023

Bot War - Painting Challenge 2023

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Prologue - All the prep

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Another year, another Bot War Painting Challenge, another project.


This will be my 5th painting challenge, previous ones can be found here:

2022 Mercenaries

2022 Democracy vs Infesters

2021 Atlanticans

2020 Deceiver Builders


And this will be another head to head attempt whereby I’ll be trying to finish off my Atlantican backlog and also the newest faction to get released in resin, the Overlords.

The Traders Galaxy painting challenge 2023 promoThe Traders Galaxy painting challenge 2023 promo

So with the rules set out, and all of my Overlords in hand (they were a preorder from September 2022 with a November release, but due to postal issues in the UK I got my hands on them in January) I begun to get everything prepped.

I’m only missing 2 models from the faction, a 4th Overlord model and the giant Squidlor titan (this has been ordered but I doubt it will arrive in time). I do have legacy Overlord models that I may paint up at some point (gator warriors) so will keep this in mind when I paint up Saur who is their champion.

Unbuilt Overlords in their lovely green resinUnbuilt Overlords in their lovely green resin
Some of the new Overlords that will be being painted up during this challengeSome of the new Overlords that will be being painted up during this challenge

Whilst that will total 15 Overlords, and the minimum required for the challenge is 14, I figured I need an excuse to batch paint up some Atlanticans as well.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to add in the remaining Atlantican forces I have left over from my 2021 painting challenge which mostly consists of the ground forces like infantry and tanks, but also some of the fliers and big bot Omen.

Atlantican ReinforcementsAtlantican Reinforcements

I included the Atlantican Infantry as this will increase the options available to me for getting them on the table. These are tiny 10mm metal figures and I’ve made them up to represent the different options available in the game. Generally characters are 3 models on a 30mm base, sections the same, squads are 5 on a 40mm,and platoons are 10+ on a 50mm base. I decided to get the bases textured up at this point as it will make it a lot harder to add this in once the models are all painted.

38 models in 28 days, can it be done?

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