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Raise the Black Kickstarter Rewards

Raise the Black Kickstarter Rewards

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Able Seamen

Tutoring 8
Skill 9
Idea 7
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So I’ve decided to build all of the starter box sailors to match the army lists shown on page 137 of the softcover rulebook in the starter box. It lists crews for Blackbeard and Robert Maynard that you can use for the new scenarios specifically for the starter.

The first unit I built and painted was a 4 man unit of Able Seamen for Robert Maynard’s team which are armed with a brace of pistols and a standard melee weapon.

Unit of 4 Able SeamenUnit of 4 Able Seamen

I expertimented a little with contrast medium while painting these. Normally I thin my paints with just water or sometimes Lahmian medium while mixing paints or adding highlights but for this I had a while bottle of contrast medium I bought ages ago that I never really used and thought I’d just start seeing what it was like for thinning regular paint for layering. It worked pretty well for highlighting all the folds of cloth that make up most of the models.

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A fabulous looking project figures an ship to plunder the seven sea’s, @skudfisher.

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