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Busty Dredd

Busty Dredd

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Clean-up and prep

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8
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I used a hair dryer and removed the supports and done some clean-up with a knife.

I had made a 3d printed bust holder that first on my painting handle. It uses a 5mm brass rod to connect to the bust which I chopped down using my drill as a poor mans laith. So drilled a 5mm hole in the bottom of the bust.

It all worked and I was ready to begin.

I know it’s phallic  AF, this is not lost on me but was of necessity rather than design.

I primed in black then white in a zenith but very strong on the white as It’s a comic book I wanted the colours to pop more without loads of layers.

Patent pending hot dogger 3000Patent pending hot dogger 3000

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