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Busty Dredd

Busty Dredd

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The arch enemy enters, the plinth.

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8
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So I am guessing you don’t know me. Most people don’t, I got side tacked here and wanted to know the percentage of people who actually “know” me. I based this on a very generous 100 people so 0.00000125% of the “potential you” know me. So you now know me a little more.

Back on track. I hate Plinths. who the fk wants a wedding cake of a miniature. If you like them I am not saying your a bad person. Just more likely to be a bad person.

But how to display a bust? I looked at pawns I could drill their basic little heads out and ram a rod down it? I could make some wavy bit of pretensions avant-garde metal.

The more I thought about it the mode these options were all plinths. So I just embraced it. This was highly likely to end up in the grinning bin. So I was looking for close to free options.

I found these. Potentially made by the devil themself.

I thought I don’t want a “non” background. So opted for an option with space.

To fill it I thought about:

  • Free handing some ally in Mega City One.
  • A brick background with some graffiti on it.
  • Colour blotches
  • Sterile white
  • Deep black
  • The Comic itself

Like your keys the last time you lost them. It was the last place I looked.

This gave me problems how to tie it into the background. So looked for a page with Dredd in the middle so his head could “pop out” I also wanted the logo on a page so found this.

I put it all together. Sized the plinth to be 60mm wide and matched the comic to be the same. I also made sure that I had 3 separate comics with 3 Dredd’s looking different, this should throw off any dread button counters and pre prepare my “well actually” response. I then printed it on transfer paper. (which was very old). After printing I placed two coats of clear gloss spray varnish on it.

Yeah sorry It was 2am by this point and everything was printing. I went to bed and took no photo’s, but hey I stopped you from looking at a plinth.

I woke next morning drilled then sanded the plinth primed and painted it black on everywhere but the curved slope, which was white. (you can see it at the end).

I then moved the massive (in comparison to all other transfers I have done before over to the slope and tried to get out the bubbles. White was impossible due to how fragile the massive old transfer paper I used.

To avoid the bin I just accepted some of the finer bubbles and cut off the excess and glossed it.

With this out of my system, I went back to painting, I couldn’t lose momentum or it was doomed to be binned.

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