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The Emerald Court Under Heaven

The Emerald Court Under Heaven

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Some history of written joy

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Wandering the world over for more words Wandering the world over for more words

More casual glances to the world of books has paid off. Another book of folklore has been found and this time it is a little bit more special. The image is of a second edition copy with dust jacket, I’ve procured mine as a first edition (numbered 357 and signed) that I love with all the illustrations it holds within.

This is quite timely as when I checked my post box the order I made of Medieval Koreans from Perry Miniatures had also arrived. I’ve just put in an order for all the MDF bases I’ll need to keep coherence for playing SAGA.

Thinking of how I might try and put together the idea for a proper large scale monster for this army is rather daunting but I believe that a point in the right direction may have been found.

Courtesy of an image searchCourtesy of an image search

Jumping from my project From the Dusty Reaches of Yesteryear I trawled a giant in the 1991 Grenadier catalog on page 7 for their Fantasy Warriors line. This is about the right stature and similar composition for what I envision a dokkaebi carrying samgomu (삼고무) perfomers on a platform over his head. Thankfully there are people out there (like Evil Bob’s Painting) that have painted this model so I can refer to them. Now it’s just time to get images together for better reference before hitting up a 3D sculptor for their trade.

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