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Marvel Crisis Protocol by Lawnor

Marvel Crisis Protocol by Lawnor

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Evening 4: Ultron and Iron Man

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It’s Saturday now.  My mission for the weekend is to try and play through the final 6 missions of Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion, and enough MCP painted to have something to type about here.  I got 2 games in on Saturday, and 2 more on Sunday, keeping the evenings free for painting.  I get to finish JotL this weekend and then start playing Aeon Trespass: Odyssey.

I started my evening off by applying the washes I’d discussed in my last post, and left them to dry while I ate dinner.  Looking at my work Ultron is 95% done so it makes sense to finish him off.  It’s glowing lights time.

Undercoat Wash: P3 Sickly Skin (Any white or off white will do)
Base: VMC 70.730 Yellow Fluo
Main Colour: VMC 70.733 Orange Fluo
Tint/Shade: Com-Art 1.049 Opaque Permanent Red

I’ve been unable to pick up a fluo red.  Every time I look for some the shop had ran out.  I guess it’s a popular colour?

All paints were thinned enough to let them flow in to the crevices and recesses.  First I undercoated with an off white because this will reinforce any vibrant colour I put over it.  I’d watched a youtube video on painting Ultron and the guy mentioned he’d painted the lights fluro yellow first, presumably so provide some tonal variation, so I thought I may as well and see what happens.  Two coats of Fluo Yellow were followed by two coats of Fluo Orange.  I didn’t have any Fluo Red so I grabbed the pot of Com Art stuff.  I don’t use it often because it’s so very thin.  It doesn’t feel like paint, or ink, or a wash.  It’s somewhere in the middle.  I really need to experiment airbrushing it lightly over a preshade one day.  Anyway, it’s thin enough that I could use it straight out of the bottle to provide some dots of strong red to the orange.  It was applied before the orange had fully dried to allow natural transitions.

I was working from the studio painted pics for this and I couldn’t help but notice that they painted light that I couldn’t find on my model.  Maybe they weren’t there on theirs either, but it does lead me to think the painted pieces they’re showing off are different to the ones they’ve sold us plebs.  That’s just cheating.  Some rear shots (robo-booty!) would have been nice too.

Again, I was only taking pics to remember what colours I'd used.  I start taking better pics soon.Again, I was only taking pics to remember what colours I'd used. I start taking better pics soon.
Here's a better pic of UltronHere's a better pic of Ultron

That’s Ultron finished.  Well, except for the base.  let’s not worry about that for now.  I can do all the bases together later, or do a batch if I want time to think about how I’ll be painting something before I commit.  Anyway, I know how I want to paint Iron Man and I’m curious to see if it works or looks ugly.  He’s yellow and red, but they’re shiny polished colours.  Not exactly metallic, but also not flat colours.  I’ve two pearlescent paints that happen to be red and yellow, again from an old AssetDrop box.  Let’s see what happens.

Yellow: Mission models MMP-159 Iridescent Lemon Yellow
Red: Mission Models MMP-148 Pearl Red
Red Pinwash: GW Carroburg Crimson
Steel Highlight: P3 Cold Steel (I also reclaimed the repulsors on his hands with this)

This was all brushed on.  The Mission models paints took quite a few layers, and still doesn’t have 100% coverage on the hard edges.  I’m happy to call that shading and natural wear and realism.  Any more layers and I’ll start losing detail.  I’ve airbrushed them before, but I wanted to control the coverage and thickness so the steel undercoat would hopefully influence their vibrancy and provide natural shading.  I’m not sure that’s worked out but he looks ok in person, and will hopefully look better once his base is finished and providing him with a frame.

See?  I said I'd start taking better pics for you.See? I said I'd start taking better pics for you.
Evening 4: Ultron and Iron Man
Evening 4: Ultron and Iron Man

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