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Marvel Crisis Protocol by Lawnor

Marvel Crisis Protocol by Lawnor

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Toy Loader from Tescos by Lena Truckies Painted

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I was in Tescos a few weeks back and I saw a cheap plastic toy Loader for sale I thought might possibly be plausible in scale for MCP, even if it was a little big.  They can be large in real life, and I could always mod the chair to make it look like a large vehicle scaled for small humans.  Here are my before and after shots.

Fresh from the store (Tescos, £4.75).  The pic does it a kindness.  It was a lot shinier an plasticy than this photo shows.Fresh from the store (Tescos, £4.75). The pic does it a kindness. It was a lot shinier an plasticy than this photo shows.
After I've painted it upAfter I've painted it up

I had a go at rescaling it by building up the chair.  I cut out a bunch of cardboard squares and raised up the height of the seat.  i then padded it out with green stuff, pushing finger marks in to the cushion where the bum and legs would leave lasting indents.  I’m definitely no sculptor, but I gave it a go.  It works well enough, but I didn’t go far enough.,  The chair is still at too large a scale.

Once it was primed it was also varnished.  Every time I painted any part of it, it got varnished with gloss and then matted down.  it was too big to mount on a hobby holder and had too many moving parts.  It was going to take lots of chipping and handling wear damage.  The gloss protects, but repels paint.  The matt allows paint to stick.  It still chipped, but I took the best care I could.


The whole thing was airbushed yellow first, then I picked out the hub caps.  The base of the chair was blacked out before painting its leather padding.  Finally the black of the body, and lastly the tyres were painted.

Undercoat VGC 72.150 Heavy Ochre
Zenithal Highlight Scalecolour SFG-08 Marduk Yellow

Hub Caps
Base P3 Ironhull Grey
Wash Jan’s Magimix (6-8 Parts GW Nuln Oil, 6-8 Parts GW Agrax Earthshade, 5-6 Parts Lahmium Medium, 2 parts Athonian Camoshade. Thanks, Januinevision)
Drybrush lightly with P3 Pig Iron

Base Scalecolour SC-32 Black leather
Pinwash GW Nuln Oil for deep shade
Highlight Black Leather mixed with Scalecolour SC-30 Red Leather
Highlight Red leather
Highlight Red leather mixed with Scalecolour SC-28 Orange Leather
Highlight Orange Leather mixed with VMC 70.918 Ivory carefully (I took almost all of the paint off the brush, and even then ended up wiping the paint off with my finger afterwards to leave just a pale trace behind)
Highlight Orange Leather mixed with more ivory Ivory carefully

Black Body
Base Black
Drybrush/sponge dab with P3 Pig Iron selectively

Base Black
Drybrush P3 Greatcoat Grey

Toy Loader from Tescos by Lena Truckies Painted

So am I happy?  Yes and no.

Lets start with the no, and work in to the yes.  The scale doesn’t really work.  Nothing about this makes it feel like a huge machine for tiny people.  It still feels like it’s for much bigger humans.  I’ve spent a week on this and it’s not really fit for purpose, without some greater suspension of disbelief than usual.  It is plausible though.  They come in a variety of sizes, and even larger ones definitely exist.  If I need to point that out though, then it doesn’t work.

The model was too large to work with safely, creating issues with with handling wear and chipping.  Some of this could have been resolved if I had dismantled this and worked with the parts.  It would also have meant I could have airbrushed different sections different colours.  I didn’t think I could undo the clips without breaking it, or hurting myself.  I should have taken some clippers to them and relied on glue to reassemble it.  I’ve done this with Matchbox scale cars for Gaslands before.  I wimped out here though, and made life harder for myself.

Given that I knew it wasn’t going to work, and that every time I handled it I risked chipping my work I decided against weather this piece.  A bit of dirt, and some natural chipping effects could really bring this piece to life.  Mine looks factory fresh.

We’re getting in to the yes now.

The pics don’t really show this, but in person the store fresh piece was clearly cheap shiny plastic that stood out as very wrong on the table.  The finished piece has a matt finish, and smooth natural colour gradients which make it look more real.  It’s painted with the same finish as the minis which makes it feel more like part of the same world as them.

As a proof of concept I am happy with this.  If it had been half the size I’d be buying more of this range right now, and have taken the time to weather this one a bit more.  This particular piece can go sit on a shelf, but I’ll be eyeing the toy section in Tescos with a greater understanding and more confidence going forwards.

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