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A Space Marine Lost in the Woods

A Space Marine Lost in the Woods

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Greeting and salutations, fellow gamers and hobbyists.

For the most part, I am a lurker here at OnTableTop. There are far more talented and insightful people on here that I will often only ever really comment on the occasional Atomic Mass Games-related news.

Still, even in my awkward shyness and self-imposed community isolation, I wanted to reach out to submit something 100% completed for this year’s challenge.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do for this year’s Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge that we are already half-way through May without an entry from me yet. I kept telling myself that I have so much gray in my pile of shame that I could just separate all the projects into random piles and roll a d20 to decide the project. I had several things planned, including possibly restarting my original project from back during the very first challenge, but instead I decided to go a slightly more simpler route.

I’m not sure what kind of category this will fall into (at least the A Breath of Fresh Air I’d think), but I wanted to share a story with everyone. It is a story of hobby milestones and of lessons learnt.  It is a tale of trying to find even the small victories in defeat and putting one’s pride aside to continue onward.

Yeah…I think that sounds a bit melodramatic as well. However, I promised you a story and what is a good story without a bit of drama?

So please sit back and enjoy.


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