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A Space Marine Lost in the Woods

A Space Marine Lost in the Woods

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Epilogue - It's the Hope that Kills You.

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
Idea 2

I thought I’d have had this entry up before today, but time got away from me and other things kept getting in the way.

I had planned for this entry to be about the bright hobby future I envisioned, but in the time since my last entry, I’ve had a few set backs. I’d love to be able to say that I’m not letting them get to me, but they are unfortunately doing just that.

However! As to not end this project on a completely somber note, I wanted to share a link to a fantastic cause with you all.

I’m sure many of you have heard about the wonderful children’s charity “Extra-Life” – Every year, gamers from around the world raise money by hosting and running various gaming marathons. While it did originally start as a video game-related project, boardgames and table top games have become a massive part as streamers and gamers find the social interaction more rewarding. As of 2021, they have raised over $100 million (USD) for various children’s hospitals.

2023 is Extra-Life’s 15th anniversary and the selected game day this year is November 4th. That is a Saturday most of us will probably be at the local shops or clubs playing games, why not raises a little money for the kids while doing what we’d normally be doing anyways?

That’s all I have. Thank you to everyone who swung by and read my giant walls of text or scrolled by for the pretty pictures. I appreciate it.

~Take care and happy gaming.


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there was a squirrel! Albeit a wooden one, I really enjoyed your walk through the woods and the walk through your process and were you felt you are at.
Self criticism is always the harshest, stick at it.

Also I appreciate the heads up about Extra-Life I’ll make a note to mention it when the time comes

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