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Lonkelo dives into Kill Team

Lonkelo dives into Kill Team

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Painting is done! (for now) pt. 2

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 7

If you read my previous posts, you may remember me being a bit nervous about how the Axejack’s gloves would turn out. Well, I’m actually quite happy with the result!

The Grenadier

The pose for this one feels very dramatic. The backpack really shows how nicely the Speedpaints pick out details.

Pause for dramatic effect!Pause for dramatic effect!

The Gunners

These are the chaps with the big guns. I’m not sure what the guns represent, but for now the big one is a plasma gun and the smaller a melta gun. Note how bad I am with lighting effects: I really need to get into that at some point in the future.

And last, but not least, the Armsmen

They may not carry any special weaponry or gear, but they are just plain cool and in-game you are allowed to activate two at a time!

So, what’s up next? Well, a game for starters, which is planned for tomorrow (27 September 2023). I will try to take as many pictures as possible and hopefully turn them into a battle report of sorts!

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