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Dan's Dungeonalia

Dan's Dungeonalia

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Every good dungeon has a cult

Tutoring 7
Skill 9
Idea 6
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The first models painted for this diorama are three cultist models from Hasslefree.

HFH049 Male Cultist

HFH050 Female Cultist

HFH051 Young Cultist


I’ll be taking them off the bases to put them in the diorama so they’re not painted. Also the flames in the brazier will be painted along with the other flames at the end of the diorama.


The robes were painted screaming pink washed druchii violet, then highlighted in a 50:50 mix of screamer pink and pink horror. It had a final highlight of pink horror.


One cultist’s skin was painted rakarth flesh, washed reikland fleshshade, then highlighted flayed one flesh followed by pallid wych flesh.


The other cultist’s skin was painted bugman’s glow, washed reikland fleshshade, then highlighted cadian fleshtone followed by kislev flesh.


The gold was painted retributor armour, washed seraphim sepia, then highlighted auric armour gold, then liberator gold.


The dagger blade was painted leadbelcher, washed nuln oil, then highlighted ironbreaker followed by runefang steel.


The extracted heart was painted khorne red then blood for the blood god.

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