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Kings of War: Otters and Goblins

Kings of War: Otters and Goblins

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The Regiments

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6

The River Guard

The River Guard are the most revered and renowned unit in the Otter Army. They form the palace guard and the backbone of Otter army. They are professional soldiers and garrison forts in most of the major river towns.

The Crossing Watch

The Crossing Watch act as the constabulary ,patrolling the forests by the river and guarding the major crossings. They maintain law and order, but there have been incidences where the River Guard had to step in where blind eyes were being turned to some smuggling operations.

As a wise old badger, Theophilus Stoutclaw, once said ‘ the problem with the Otter constabulary is that half of them are rats and the other half are weasels’


The Marines

The Marines are a mixed bag, more like an organised militia than a formal regiment. They comprise of volunteers from the poorer areas of river society, criminals pressganged into service and sea otters from the coastal villages. They are a tough crowd of brawlers. They are employed on river patrols and are the bane of the river pirates. It’s not uncommon for captured otter river pirates to be given an option to join as a marine.

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These are fantastic looking! What a devilishly charming army

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These are great! Will you be doing the “Death or Glory Toads” at some point as compliment?

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