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Kings of War: Otters and Goblins

Kings of War: Otters and Goblins

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So next up are the flying unit and the forest shamblers. I have been wracking my brains trying to figure out how to get a decent amount of minis on the right size base. Got there in the end. This is probably the biggest most detailed base I have ever done. Then I put a stream in to make it more difficult.


So, doing a little maths, I have 14 heroes and bigger models to paint pictured here and then two regiments of mouse archers to print and paint. All being well I will have a 2k Kings of War army ready to go by the end of February.

Remember when you could just paint a base green and  walk away Remember when you could just paint a base green and walk away

Done some work on the birds, being game pieces means they are a pain to paint

Started the shamblers pretty easy to do, brown undercoat,then grey and green dry brush on rocky and plant like areas. Then a wash with agrax, then another drybrush, did a couple of shades of brown on the tree like appendages.

Next I added flock and some light grey in the eyes which I will hit with bright green contrast paint when dry

Next units
Next units

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A fantastic army. I really like it.

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Great basing!

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2024-02-20 Your project has been visited by the unofficial Hobby Hangout. Huzza!

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