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Dungeons and Doggies in the frozen wastes

Dungeons and Doggies in the frozen wastes

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Right, let's get this finished

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This project, like so many others got shelved as my easily distracted attention was drawn elsewhere, but starting a new Red King campaign for Frostgrave at my gaming brought me back to it.

So, being an opportunist I thought I’d throw it under the banner of the Spring Clean Challenge for 2024.

The warband

Looking at my well over 20 Dungeons and Doggies models, I made a warband of 7 models. In our 3 player campaign we are restricting warbands to 7 models to avoid games becoming overlong. I will discuss individual models and paint schemes for newly painted models below but first I will revisit the ones I had previously painted.

Cornelius the Golden Retriever will now be an apothecary and not a wizard.

Morgaine the Dachshund will remain my apprentice.

Flint the Blue Heeler will be a crossbowman, well, because he has a crossbow.

Also the observant among you will notice the bases have texture under the primer which is not present on the original models. This is just sand glued down with PVA, applied prior to priming.

Tonka - Mastiff

Having decided I wanted to run an elementalist warband, I chose a vibrant colour for Tonka’s cloak.

All colours are Vallejo Model Color unless otherwise noted.

Fur – Ochre Brown

Chest and lighter areas – Off-white

These areas are blended using both paints in a 50/50 mix.

Face and ears – Dark Grey

These darker areas are blended into the adjacent areas of coat with Ochre Brown and a touch of Dark Grey

Shirt – Violet Red

Cape – Blue Green

Ruff and bone clasp – Dark Sand

Kazoo – Bright Orange and Off-white

Pouches and belt – English Uniform

Mouth and tongue – Old Rose

Chain collar and arm bands – Black then Brass and Natural Steel

The whole model was washed with Citadel Agrax Earthshade.

The Agrax significantly muted the colours in the model so I restored some of that by reapplying selected base coats.

Fur – Ochre Brown

Cape – Blue Green

Muzzle and ears – Neutral Grey

Basing was done with an even coat of German Grey and drybrushed with Neutral Grey.

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