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Dungeons and Doggies in the frozen wastes

Dungeons and Doggies in the frozen wastes

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The lore and snow basing

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But why dogs?

Now, although Frsotgrave is a wonderfully open game system and I could use any models I like without need for justification, I wanted to at least have a stab at qualifying my use of dogs in the Frostgrave ‘lore’.

Cue dramatic music…

After the disaster that destroyed the mighty magical empire, whose capital was Felstadt, many of those wizards remaining became isolated outcasts, pariahs from those cultures that survived the magical ice age that Felstadt caused.

Many wizard enclaves began to view the culture of Felstadt as decadent and cursed. While the use of magic and its research was still their main drive, they began to eschew the humanistic elements of their past and look to the natural world for both inspiration and moral direction.

One such group was the Guild of PAWS (Polymorph Archwizards and Servants). This network of wizard colleges revered the ways that animals maintained a balanced and harmonious relationship with the natural world, in a way that human kind never had. All Guild members and their servants were required to undergo a process of permanent magical polymorph into an animal form of their choosing.

PAWS warbands do not hire followers like other warbands. Followers and hirelings are actually members of the Guild cult and follow their patron wizard through an almost religious obsession. The ‘cost’ of hirelings for a PAWS warband is actually the cost of carrying out the permanent polymorph spell on that follower.

The Guild of PAWS is further subdivided into many subfactions, one of which is WOOF, or the Wizard Order Of Felstadt. Members of this group revere the dog above all animals, and as a result all members are polymorphed into various breeds of dog on joining.

Snow basing

The snow effect on the bases was a blend of three different snow products.

In a small container I blended

Gatehouse Gaming Snowy Peak – 1 part

Colour Forge Basing Snow Super Fine – 2 parts

Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow – 2 parts.

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