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Weekender XLBS: Dungeon Delving Special


As well as enjoying the Dungeon
Saga Weekend you can get stuck
into a Weekender XLBS
where we talk all things
dungeon delving…

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Podcasts and Pestilent Critters from Mantic!


Podcasts and a rather large critter for the Veer-Myn today from Mantic!

You’re Never too far from a Veer-Myn…


The Veer-Myn scuttle out from the shadows with Mantic Games.

The Corporation take on the 8th Race in Project Pandora


That’s right! Images of the 8th Race (or should I say…
the Veer-Myn) miniatures are creeping out… much like
the beasts themselves… as the countdown to Project Pandora ticks down!