You’re Never too far from a Veer-Myn…

March 17, 2012 by brennon

The lovely chaps at Mantic Games have shown off some more shots of the Veer-Myn race that will be pitted against the Corporation in Project Pandora. Check out a squad of these space vermin below and see what you think of them...

Veer-Myn Night Crawlers

These Veer-Myn in particular are called Night Crawlers and live in the bowels of ships, cities and practically everywhere else you can think of. Adapting weapons from other civilizations the Veer-Myn can make the most of every situation, which makes them a deadly enemy to be facing.

Pandora Tiles

Should be pretty fantastic to see the Veer-Myn and Corporation facing off in the tight confines of Grim Cargo.

What do you think of the Night Crawlers?

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