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40k Astra Militarum Prussonian Army Project With Legend Dave Taylor


Following on from his Astra Militarum VLOG which began this week John sits down with industry legend Dave Taylor to discuss his process for managing large painting projects.

P-VLOG Building The Adeptus Mechanicus Army

Welcome to another Project VLOG here on
Beasts of War. In this one we’ll be going
over some of the stages we went through
to get our Adeptus Mechanicus army up
and running…

P-VLOG: Ersatz Panther – From Parts To Painted

Welcome to this P-VLog with the Tank God John.
In it we’ll be taking one of Warlord Games’ new
Ersatz Panther kits from start to finish beginning
with building the kit, then we get some
painting and weathering done.