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Painting Mythic Battles titans

Painting Mythic Battles titans

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About the Project

A while ago a mate came round for a cuppa and a catch up and saw some ongoing mid project Cygnar Warjacks i had on hold. He liked them at the half way point and said his painting wasnt up to scratch and would i paint some stuff for him? He then told me of his latest Kickstarter and his mountain of stuff to paint and i ended up with the four big guys from it, the titans. what follows is my take on the task and from the off id like to say im no davinci or painting maestro, i simply paint as a way to relax and deal with a long term health issue when im able. if i can help anyone with a certain finish or method please message me ill do my best to help, but for the most part you have to put up with my rambling

This Project is Completed

Painting continues progress made?

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Its been a while since i last had chance to add to this project two reasons mainly. The first being that i am shot to shit and have a long term health issue that takes me off my feet regularly. The other being that i like to help my local shop out when possible so had a painting project to get completed ready for the release of the soul wars stuff.

i took on the new box of spell effects and thoroughly enjoyed painting those with the exception of the big spikey purple ball thing, why oh why was it made in so many parts.

The first two Titans are completed

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The next part of the project was to paint the chains on our titan and for this i used the pictured paints.

I wanted a worn look to them so started with a base layer of typhous corrosion which when dry was rough and an excellent base from which to add some dry brushing.

First dry brushing was done with boltgun metal

The second layer of dry brushing the Vallejo model air steel which i weathered down with a final dry brush of the ryza rust toned down in places with some agrax earthshade used almost as a glaze.

overall the chains didn’t turn out too bad as can be seen in the following Photo

The first two Titans are completed

Next came the base and for a little while it had me stumped. My mate wanted to replicate the effect across the whole range of figures so it couldn’t be too difficult and anything used had to be easily sourced and obtained so he could do it on the smaller stuff with a few directions.

In the end i decided on something simple ,as the game is set in Greece there is gonna be sand and scrub plants so i went with that as the unifying theme. its dead easy to accomplish as well simply being a coat of PVA and a dunk in a tub of basing sand. When dry it was then a case of a few tiny drops of PVA and the application of ready bought grass tufts from off of Ebay.

However me being me couldnt leave it at that and looking at the base was thinking to myself what would happen if a lava monster were to walk on sand in real life? sand with the heat would turn to glass but how could i replicate that to look like he simply hadnt just appeared like magic?

well suffering terribly with Allergies at this point my Piriton muddled mind thought i know footsteps of glass left behind him as he walked. It seemed like a good idea so off i went free handing some foot shapes in black paint behind him, these however, just looked like some black sand so i came on the idea of applying a generous layer of water effects over the paint to both bulk out and smooth the surface at the same time giving a gloss effect all great and looked fine until i finally matt coat varnished the entire model.

Arghh! back to black sand shapes again and needing a final application of gloss varnish to the footprints.

This was the first one complete i only hope my mate liked it and could get the footprint idea.

The first two titans are completed PT2

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Paints used for the smokePaints used for the smoke

On a roll the second Titan near completion i had to get the smoke looking like it should. this was achieved solely with  progressive dry brush layers starting with the darker colour first working up to the lightest.

*Phil’s top tip* – for dry brushing  i use womens make up brushes which can be sourced on ebay and you can get ten or more for the cost of a single GW brush.

This model also has some chains on it although a lot finer these were finished in exactly the same manner as for the previous titan using the following paints

The first two titans are completed PT2

once i was happy with the smoke it was back to the base which was completed in exactly the same manner as the previous Titan.

As this Titan was emerging from the ground i used a halo of black around its fiery base to simulate the sand turning to glass and the technique used for the footprints was applied exactly the same here.

All very simple nothing hard or difficult, my only worry as i previously said was would my mate like them?

As it happens he was only too pleased to collect the first two on Saturday and was over the moon looking forward to gaming with them so i must have gotten something right. he even got the whole heat turning the sand to glass idea.

its finished but after a catastrophy!

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Well one night recently I couldn’t sleep so took many hours constructing a step by step update on painting the remaining two titans paints used each individual step lots of pictures and detail it was great.

On completion I am happy as Larry and smug as hell, Damn that looks good! then the universe delivers a swift kick to my bottom I hope you can all learn from.

I press upload, the little circle thing starts a whirling then nothing computers frozen everything is dead on the screen apart from the whirling…….. I leave it for a few hours…………still the same I start to worry about my project……….I take wargamer dog for a walk come back again nothing…….make a cup of tea (as tea solves everything) sit down and see if it will let me switch tabs as I had another beast of war one open and yes it now works im elated  their is a god and he is on my side….

NAH! I switch back to the open project page and everything from that night is gone.

so my project will be finishing with just photos of the last two titans as im well into my next project and don’t have the time for a rerun…..

Please, please, please, learn from my mistake break your project down into bite size pieces rather than one large update like I did. then if you get the same hiccup like me you don’t lose it all.


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