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Project Blog by soapdodger

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About the Project

My journey with painting Infinity models from the first to the latest and what I learn and feel about it all along the way.

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My first infinity project Operation Ice Storm

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First project log on BOW 2.0 had to be my current project of painting infinity!

I will go through all that i have currently for infinity and keep this up to date with advancements!

I will make another blog to finish off the terrain side of things, that will take a little more time to put together as that’s more of a how to and why thing.

Sadly I cant take credit for the colour schemes I will use as they will be from the master himself Lord Giraldez.  So you can watch while I try to imitate this master as best I can and hopefully improve along the way.


I started looking at Infinity on Operation Ice Storm week on BOW a few years ago. I was so excited a got the game about a year after this. I looked and looked and looked at the tiny models and wished they were heroic scale. The fear built up and they sat for some time. Then I found out Angel Giraldez had a facebook page with step by steps (now missing 🙁 ).

I used these to paint my first infinity models.

Angel Giraldez's facebook page (Studio Giraldez) Great sourse for images of schemesAngel Giraldez's facebook page (Studio Giraldez) Great sourse for images of schemes

My first finished Infinity forces!

So that’s my start,

I don’t think it’s to bad but without this great set i don’t think I would have continued.

I played the initial mini campaign in the book about 20 times with lots of different people and still use this to get friends into the game.

Masterclass Volume 1

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So I seen what I could do on my own with a little help. This book came out from Angel, his first. I have read this and it’s working book for me when I see something he has painted and cant figure out how.

I cant say read this and you will paint like Angel but what I can say is that it helped a lot with this style I liked so much but could not replicate.

Materclass Volume one.Materclass Volume one.

With this you got the Joan of Arc limited edition model.

I was so scared of this it took me ages to bring up the courage to paint it and on one of the last steps with liquid mask it pealed off the paint down to the metal. (something I done probably) I was devastated and it sat there for a few years, taunting me and mocking me.

I seen Angel posted something on Facebook and told my story and he wanted to help! couldn’t believe it!  He asked about the problem I advised on it but said I would try again.

Last year (i think) i picked it up again and stripped the paint off using blue tack and a modelling tool (not the best way) and painted it.

My Joan of ArcMy Joan of Arc

After this I got a golden button from BOW. Count believe this considering how much mocking the model gave me.  I showed her! (with the help of the community)

Masterclass Volume 2

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My wife got me a gift… Masterclass Volume 2

This was great as it seemed to be in a slightly different style from the first and gave me a lot more options I felt in painting. This was the book I wanted for Volume 1 but contains different methods and ways to do things than the first.

I would definitely recommend this book to people wishing to learn the same style as Giraldez. (and in general)


Masterclass Volume TwoMasterclass Volume Two

This came with the Crane Rank Imperial Agent

This model sat for ages… like before I was scared to paint it. I decided to open and assemble it and found that it was missing the head. After a lot of looking around thinking I have somehow lost it while opening it over my desk I contacted Corvus Belli who amazingly sent me a head (what guys).

I hated painting yellow and orange. The pigments are always poor and require loads of layers. Not anymore with following the step by step guide in the book.


My Crane Rank Imperial AgentMy Crane Rank Imperial Agent

I have had some great feedback about this model and it spurred me on to collect, paint and play more.

The addiction grows... Red Veil

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I play with a group that do not paint normally. This drives me nuts as I want the immersion of fully painted forces and great terrain.

I gave my chosen from the Ice Storm box to one friend and kept my Pano.

Another friend gave me the part of his drop fleet pledge so I needed to repay this “debt” I chipped in with another friend who got the same and we got Red Veil for him.

Red Veil BoxRed Veil Box

I started by gabbing the biggest model out of the box and started to paint, Al Fasid.

I followed the steps in Masterclass volume 2.

Started by doing the bases all of the infinity are on  this is done with plasticard cut into strips to make a kerb. Green stuff textured with the base of a needle file.

This was thought about after an exciting discussion with a environmentalist who hated pavements and roads. It came to the conclusion that compacting earth and treating this with something could be an alternative.  I argued that this would not be great for vehicle traffic so a compromise was made, then my infinity bases.

I then cleaned up the model as best as I could see and used Vallejo plastic putty for the first time to fill any gaps and I hate to say this is great! You can water it down and dries pretty fast.

First stages done with airbrush then onto brush painting.



So I though I was clever followed the process but I forgot about light.  I Went back and updated the Visor so that the highlight was at the bottom and the shade at the top due to the overhang.

The finished Al Fasid model The finished Al Fasid model

I went onto paint the rest of the Haqqislam using similar steps and still using the book.

Haqqislam finished. Haqqislam finished.

I then went and started the Yu Jing, using old GW paint pots and Bluetack as ever to try and stop me rubbing off the paint while painting.

Mid progress trying some batch paintingMid progress trying some batch painting
Finished Yu Jing models. Finished Yu Jing models.

I have handed this over now to one happy gamer. I feel like I am going to be given more models to paint to expand these forces.

USA, USA, USA, USAriadna

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At last I am up to the latest part of this painting project!

I got this for myself as a reward for finishing painting someone else’s models. I loved the USAriadna week on BOW, had to get these some day!


I based this and cleaned all of the models as before.

The start of USAriadnaThe start of USAriadna

Again using Masterclass 2 I started to paint. I posted my Devil Dog on WPAN to give a small tip I tried when painting this.

Devil Dog with gloss varnish on the extremitiesDevil Dog with gloss varnish on the extremities

I painted and then varnished the extremities of the model with gloss varnish to protect this while I painted the rest of the model.  This worked very well and I did not rub off any paint. I then matt coated at the end to remove the gloss.


I finished the rest of the model, I am not sure the camo worked as well as it could have i started going into a painting slump and this what may have caused this opinion.

Started to paint the next model. The Marauder.

This is where I know I am in a hobby slump. I am so frustrated, I am using the right colour refractive green Vallejo 70.890 and it seems very much not possible to get a vibrant green from it. I am close to scrapping this and just using a green that looks right. I tried to push on as you can see but I cant let it go.

Marauder, I hate this green!!!Marauder, I hate this green!!!
Green with envy (what I am trying to achieve) Green with envy (what I am trying to achieve)

That’s me up to date. Think I am going to make some scenery and not paint it green.

More to come.

More progress after a year.

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Been watching all the great stuff from spring cleaning and I started to look at all the nice bare metal models I have kicking around.

I have been playing more Infinity and I have played with bare metal models and felt the shame.

I have fallen out with Pano and decided to look back at my overall painting progress. I have Since added JSA and some individual models to my three forces all unpainted. Decided this bank holiday to start to paint infinity again.

I then remembered why I fell out with this. Greengate. So I set about fixing this by surprise just painting more. I also needed to clean off a layer of dust off of the models I done this with water and an airbrush. I went against the book and decided to just try and paint a similar green. This worked out great and got me painting infinity again.

I cant believe this has been a year strop. (though not as if I was not doing other stuff)

Front of the Marauder Front of the Marauder
Back of the MarauderBack of the Marauder
Front of Antipode Front of Antipode
Back of of Antipode Back of of Antipode
Front of MinutemanFront of Minuteman
Back of MinutemanBack of Minuteman
All of my Ariadna so far good start I hope to get the rest done within the week. All of my Ariadna so far good start I hope to get the rest done within the week.

So far a good start quite pleased overall.

I still need more practice painting infinity faces. Think I prefer the heroic proportions. Also the Antipode crest was crazy to paint.

Still so much fun painting infinity I cant believe I stopped just because of a shade of green.

More to come.

An Army pack bites the dust.

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So after a year and stalling I put brush to model again and put my terrain aside for a little longer.

I finished the rest of the models a bit longer than I expected as I was only doing an hour a night but it’s done.

Grunt 1 Grunt 1
Grunt 2Grunt 2
Grunt 3Grunt 3
The whole army packThe whole army pack

That’s thankfully not the end of my infinity painting adventures.

I have the beyond Icestorm box to do the JSA Army pack and an Ariadna Tag and a Pano Tag.

So much to do so little time. I am however going to split my time between painting so will take this off of hold.

I need to get better at painting the female faces. I make them so pig ugly and cant think of anyway to get better but paint more. This is bad as I think I am better at painting 28mm heroic faces overall and female in particular.

Oh well enough ranting.

More to come.

I cant stop painting send help!

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So I wanted to get back to finishing my landing pad. No luck, however I found a use for hangovers. I am usually not in a good position to do anything but pity my life choices and drink lots of water and pain killers but it seems I can also basecoat. I have been out twice and the day after woke up and base coated which drives me along into the fun part of painting.

I finished painting two models on the first run and managed to basecoat the rest of beyond ice storm on the second. This is now ready for brush painting the rest today.

Ariadna Blackjack frontAriadna Blackjack front
Ariadna Blackjack backAriadna Blackjack back
Pano Neoterra Bolt Paramedic FrontPano Neoterra Bolt Paramedic Front
Pano Neoterra Bolt Paramedic BackPano Neoterra Bolt Paramedic Back
The hungover basecoated Beyond Icestorm (the rest)The hungover basecoated Beyond Icestorm (the rest)

This is where I am now I hope to get the rest of the Ice storm box done this weekend. I have also based all 11 of the JSA and undercoated all of my infinity models.

More to come hopefully today.

Better late than Never

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So I didn’t manage to finish yesterday… Things happened but today was a bank holiday so lucky I had a second Sunday.

only thing I love and hate about infinity models. I find myself, that the models I think I like the most I enjoy the least painting. Weird thing I cant explain.

I enjoyed the OSL on the sword and the snipers pose when painting, very odd as these are the models I liked the least.

I don’t know if this has been done before (I can say it has) I can’t say I have consciously seen. The OSL was done with a mix of matt varnish and red ink building it up with thin coats.

Apart from that more of the same.

Finished Beyond IcestomFinished Beyond Icestom
Swiss GuardSwiss Guard

I may have painted myself out for a bit which bodes well for terrain.

We will see, Glad I have more infinity painted.

More to come!