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Fireblarney’s Veer-myn Painting Project

Fireblarney’s Veer-myn Painting Project

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Project Blog by fireblarney Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

Getting the kickstarter Veer-myn army completed, hopefully this year :)

This Project is On Hold

5th June 2018 - Initial test models

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I thought I should put up some photos of my nightmares that I have completed as a test for this projects paint scheme. I figured being a bit larger than most of the other Veer-myn models they were a good starting point to see how the finished project would look. I’m quite happy with the way they have turned out this this project blog was born. Partly as a reference point for me, partly as a spur for motivation.

5th June 2018 - Base colouring armour

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I had previously undercoated all the models from the kickstarter with a base of black and a coat of grey.

Started the base colouring for the armour portions. Started with a base coat of Dark Green, then moved upward in tone in increasingly higher angled zenith layers of Sick Green, Escorpena Green and finally Light Livery Green. All of these are from the Vallejo Game Air range

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